Nothing brings people together quite like sports. Sports help build relationships, bring together communities, create new ones, and add unmatched entertainment to our lives. Whether it’s going to a game to see the action live, watching it at home with family, or placing a friendly wager on who’s going to win with some friends, sports has always been bigger than just a game.  However,  the sports culture is changing and younger fans want to bet and engage with sports but not the way traditional sportsbooks like FanDuel and Draftkings think. 


Our mission is to bring people together through community and competition.


To do this, Stakes is building a wagering platform combining social and NFTs for the next generation of sports fans. Traditional sports betting is too difficult to understand for the average person and does not align with their expectations of how to bet on things. Most betting activity happens off of sportsbooks between friends so Stakes is creating a new paradigm of betting that is social, casual, and more approachable to everyday fans and their friends. 


Industry leaders in media, crypto, and sports are backing Stakes



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