Stakes Analysis: Whose Fans Love The Double-Down?
Stakes Content Team


Doubling Down on a Stakes prediction is one of the best ways to earn extra rep and climb the ranks to Sports God even more quickly! Putting a double-down on one of your predictions isn’t an easy call, though, because you lose extra rep if you get it wrong, too. We decided to take a look at the teams that Stakers have set as their favorites and see how often they’re going all-in on a prediction. It’s not surprising to see the Yankees on top of any MLB list, and Yankees fans are blowing away the competition as the clear-cut boldest fanbase in all of Stakes. The rest of the list? Pretty unpredictable! Maybe Rockies fans and White Sox fans just want to feel something among another pair of brutal seasons? Either way, we’ll see where this lands at the end of the year!


All that being said, there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe! In spite of being one of the best teams in the league this year, Orioles fans might still be feeling risk-averse after years of losing? And while we typically think of Philly fans as being on the, ah, aggressive side, it seems as if they have barely half the confidence of Yankees fans in the calls they make.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week! Check in next Friday for more tidbits about all you Stakers and the predictions you make! Now it’s time to go double-down some more and get your team to the top of the list 📈




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