Stakes Analysis: Jets fans are KILLING trivia
Stakes Content Team


Hard to believe that NFL trivia has been up and running for more than a month now! That means we’ve already got plenty of interesting data to share with you — including this chart of the fanbases with the highest trivia success rate! Jets and Packers fans sure know their history and fun facts, a do Lions fans. With the Patriots pulling in just behind them, the NFC North and AFC East are just a hair in front of the competition with two teams each on the list. We’ll check back in on this in a little while — keep playing trivia to see if you can give a boost to the team YOU represent!

We just showed you the smartest fanbases in the Stakes community when it comes to answering trivia questions, but who sits at the bottom? Let’s just say that jumping through tables doesn’t seem to have done any favors to Bills fans and their brain cells. And, uh, what’s up Chiefs fans? Perhaps feeling the effects of all the champagne you’ve been sipping the last few years? It doesn’t seem like there’s any correlation with division — we’re not sure why there would be, but it’s pretty funny that each division has exactly one representative on this list. See your team on here? Time to step up your game!

That’s all we’ve got for you this week! Check in next Friday for more tidbits about all you Stakers and the predictions you make! Now it’s time to go double-down some more and get your team to the top of the list 📈




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