Ronald Acuña's Quest for the 40-40 Club
Stakes Content Team


In the world of baseball, the 40-40 Club holds a special place, capturing the hearts of fans with its rare combination of power and speed. With only four members to date, including legends like Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez, achieving a 40-homer, 40-steal season is remarkable. Now, Ronald Acuña Jr. of the Atlanta Braves has emerged as a strong contender to join this exclusive club.


Ronald Acuña Jr., the Braves’ dynamic right fielder, has dazzled fans with his exceptional skills throughout the season. With 21 home runs and a league-leading 41 steals in the first half, Acuña is on pace to achieve a 38-homer, 75-steal finish, making him the frontrunner to end the 40-40 drought that has lasted 17 years.

While the 40-40 Club rightfully captures the spotlight, there are other impressive power-speed combinations in baseball history. Some pairings may be less famous but equally difficult to achieve.


Let’s not overlook the incredible accomplishments of Shohei Ohtani, whose exceptional abilities both on the mound and at the plate have captivated fans. At the All-Star break, Ohtani leads the league with 32 home runs and has added 11 stolen bases to his repertoire. With his extraordinary two-way skills, Ohtani is on pace to achieve a 57-homer, 20-steal season, setting the stage for even more history to be made.




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