Recapping the 2023 NBA Playoffs on Stakes
Stakes Content Team


Another basketball season is in the books! We’re sad we only got to launch the newest version of Stakes for the playoffs instead of the whole thing, but it was a GREAT way to kick things off! Now, we want to celebrate some of the most successful Stakers of the season before the calendar flips!


Welcome to the Diamond Club!

The first Stakes Diamond Club class has arrived! Big congrats to the 24 Stakers who made it all the way up to Diamond before the season ended. Starting in July, when you make the Diamond Club in ANY sport, you’ll receive access to a special channel on our Discord server, where you’ll find TONS of opportunities to keep adding bonus Loot Locker keys and pieces of gear. Shout out to the first members!

Most Accurate Stakers

Making it to Diamond is great, but we still need to shout out the Stakers who knew their stuff the best, whether they made it to Diamond or not. So let’s give a big round of applause to BALLER134, who paced the ENTIRE season (min. 100 predictions) with a 60.7% accuracy rate, and the five competitors who finished just a little behind them. It might not seem like a lot, but when you make as many predictions as we do, getting six out of every ten right can take you all the way to the top!

Biggest Upset (& Rep Gain)

Kevin Durant didn’t even have a bad game! But in Game 3 of Phoenix’s first round playoff series, his 28 points weren’t enough to top 40-pieces from Devin Booker (expected) and Norman Powell (…less expected), plus 30 from former teammate Russell Westbrook. The result? Staker ToAdKnows picked up nearly 50 rep from this question along, the single highest gain for a prediction that wasn’t a Double Down. Everyone say hi!

Biggest Double Down

VERY few Stakers saw this run from the Miami Heat coming, and it all started with Game 1 of the first round, where Ejner was the only Staker to pick the Heat and Double Down on it. That gave them +77 rep, the single biggest gain on any question for the NBA Playoffs season. Doubling Down goes a long way towards getting a spot in the Diamond Club, and we can’t wait to see what upsets go down to get you all there next season 👀

Most Popular Teams

Now THIS is one we didn’t see coming! It sure wouldn’t have been surprising to see Miami or LA near the top of this list, but even though they went one-and-done, the popularity of Minnesota’s first round series loss to Denver made them the subject of more predictions than any other team on a per-game basis, with Atlanta’s six-game loss to Boston — pretty surprising to not see the C’s on here, not gonna lie — keeping it pretty close. Wolves Nation showing out! Who will be the most popular team over a full 82 games? We’ll find out in a few months!

We hope you had fun playing Stakes during the NBA Playoffs — we definitely did. See you soon!




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