Adam Faris 1/1 NFT


Go to a game with Adam Faris!

By purchasing this NFT, Adam will fly out to your hometown to go to a game with you!

You are bidding on the first-ever official NFT from your content creator, Adam Faris. This is an exclusive limited edition 1 of 1 NFT minted on the Polygon network, which means there can only ever be 1 true owner of this collectible. You will also be able to sell it or transfer it to someone else. Designed in collaboration with Adam and award-winning artist Jake Harris, this NFT was inspired by some of the running themes and topics from his community through the years.

Once the auction is over for this NFT, the highest bidder will receive a confirmation email of the purchase as well as a separate email from the Stakes team on how to transfer the NFT into your personal wallet.

*The Owner of this NFT will be able to attend a regular season game of your favorite hometown team with Adam Faris at a mutually convenient date for all parties.*