How Well Do Stakers Know The NFL Draft?
Stakes Content Team


The 2023 NFL Draft is underway! Filling out mock drafts and trying to predict which team takes who and at what spot is one of the most fun parts of the offseason! Even the experts get things wrong pretty often — how’s it going, Will Levis? — so we thought it might be fun to look at how some of the calls Stakers made about the first round of the draft rate now that it’s over.


When it comes to quarterbacks, it looks like the Stakers are a bit more even-keeled than the pundits. Amid all the months of speculation, at the end of the day, y’all thought it would be Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud going 1-2, and lo and behold, that’s what we got!

Things were a little bit less easy to nail down when it came to the Running Back question, though. Everyone knows how talented Bijan Robinson is, but using a high draft pick on backs is anathema to today’s team building strategies. Most of you thought Bijan was too good to slip past the first round, but Atlanta popping him at #8 was still a surprise:

Probably even a bigger surprise than that, though, was the Lions selecting Alabama back Jahmyr Gibbs at #12 despite already having David Montgomery and De’Andre Swift on the roster. Stakers thought the chances of 30 teams passing on Bijan was pretty low, but a substantial chunk also thought he’d be the only RB taken on Thursday night.

Stakers even missed pretty badly on some things! Like this, for example:

Seriously, guys? Death, taxes, and the Patriots trading down. Our faces when we saw that y’all didn’t think Bill Belichick was gonna do what Bill Belichick does:

Rounds 2 and 3 of the draft start later this evening, and there are still plenty of questions about it left in the Editor’s Picks season so you can make your call and make your voice heard. Get to it and check back next week to see more!




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