Coins are the currency of the Stakes app. Right now, they’re only used for wagering on predictions, but you’ll be able to do much more with them soon. Users are automatically given 10 coins per day, but they can be earned in several other ways, including:


  • Correctly making a prediction
  • Placing in the top three on the weekly leaderboard
  • Inviting a friend to play Stakes
  • Leaving a five-star review — send a screenshot to!

This isn’t quite like your everyday sports betting — the amount you win depends on how much you wager, how many people wager, and how many people wager correctly. When a prediction is resolved, the pot is split between the winners proportional to how much they wagered. The more you wager, the more you win!

Right now you are only able to wager on questions. You will be able to use your coins on more things soon. 

Called It Moments are special NFTs awarded to users who wager correctly on predictions that meet the guidelines for a rare and difficult “Called It” prediction.


To qualify for a Called It NFT, a prediction must have a minimum of 25 total wagers. If 15% or fewer pick the correct answer, those users will be awarded an NFT that includes a record of the game in question (if there is one) and the correct prediction.


Applications for verification are not currently open, though they will be in the near future. 

The middle tab at the bottom in Stakes called ‘Results’ is where all your settled and pending questions will be. 


Pending is all active questions you’ve wagered on waiting to be resolved. 

Settled is all questions you’ve wagered on that have been settled. 

My Questions are active questions that you have asked.

Settled Questions are questions you have asked that are now settled. 

A post can be any form of content such as a message, an image, a video, a link etc. Think of posts as Tweets. You can not wager on Posts.


Questions are any form of content that other Stakes users can wager on. 

Yes. If you go to a users profile, click the 3 dots under their bio, you will have the option to block them. 


When you make a big prediction and earn a signature ‘Called It Moment’ an original Stakes NFT will be minted and added to your trophy case. 

Each Called It NFT falls into one of three rarity tiers: Common, Rare, and Legendary. The NFT’s rarity is determined by how many players answer correctly. A Called It Moment is:


1-star (common) if 15% to 10.1% wagered correctly

2-stars (rare) if 10% to 5.1% wagered correctly

3-stars (legendary) if 5% or fewer are wagered correctly

When you win a Stakes NFT, it can be viewed in the Trophy Case section of your profile. They will be safely held in the Stakes crypto-wallet on OpenSea until you choose to claim them.

To transfer your Stakes NFTs to your own personal crypto-wallet;


  1. navigate to your profile
  2. Go to ‘Trophies’
  3. Tap on the NFT you wish to withdraw
  4. Tap ‘Withdraw’ and complete the following steps. 

The value of any NFT is determined by its popularity and rarity. Therefore there is no fixed value on any NFT and the value can fluctuate based on the communities interest.

The total number of this unique NFT that exists on the blockchain. 

The Token ID is the number out of the total minted that you own. I.e if the Token ID is 1, and the total minted is 5. You own #1 out of the 5 total minted. 

The transaction ID is a confirmation that the NFT is minted on the blockchain. Each time this NFT is transferred or sold to a new wallet, a different transaction ID is created as a proof of the transaction. 

Have additional questions? Hit us up on our Discord server and we'll answer your questions ASAP