Elly De La Cruz Is HIM
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Cincinnati Reds infielder Elly De La Cruz just continues to make this league more and more exciting by making a STATEMENT during last nights game against the Washington Nationals. 



Earlier in the game, Nationals manager Dave Martinez raised concerns about De La Cruz’s white bat knob, leading to its removal by umpires. However, after reviewing its legality with league officials, it was deemed to be within the rules. 



De La Cruz responded by hitting a towering 455-foot home run later in the game, pointing to his bat knob and the Nationals dugout before he flipped his bad and trotted around the bases. Elly De La Cruz is HIM and I can’t wait to see more from him. 

Since his debut on June 6, the 21-year-old rookie has been making waves in the MLB. With a batting average of .318, a .356 on-base percentage, and a .536 slugging percentage, De La Cruz has demonstrated his hitting prowess. Additionally, he has hit four home runs, contributed 14 extra-base hits, driven in 14 runs, and displayed his speed with 11 stolen bases.


De La Cruz has consistently showcased his talent as a rookie, making an immediate impact in the MLB. As his career unfolds, he is poised to establish himself as a rising star in the league.


However, after only a month into the league is this too much for a young rookie to be taunting the opposing team after hitting a 455 foot blast? Personally, I think it’s great for the game and he is exactly what we need to get more people interested in baseball!




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