Dodgers Positioned to Pursue Shohei Ohtani in Offseason
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The Los Angeles Dodgers have long been infatuated with Shohei Ohtani, and their pursuit of the two-way superstar could finally come to fruition this offseason. As Ohtani approaches free agency, the Dodgers are seen as front-runners in the bidding, according to Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Times.


The Dodgers’ fascination with Ohtani dates back over a decade. Castillo’s recent article delves into the franchise’s enduring infatuation with the multi-talented player. Many believe that the Dodgers are the front-runners among the handful of teams vying for Ohtani’s signature. Anonymous rival team executives and agents have echoed this sentiment, suggesting that the Dodgers’ pursuit of Ohtani is strong.

The Dodgers’ pursuit of Ohtani began years ago. They attempted to sign him in 2012 when he was a high school senior. However, Ohtani chose to sign with the Nippon-Ham Fighters in the Nippon Professional Baseball league, where he could pitch and hit. Five years later, the Dodgers made a significant effort to acquire Ohtani, but their lack of a designated hitter (DH) proved to be a stumbling block. Ohtani ultimately joined the Los Angeles Angels, where he could fulfill his desire to pitch and DH.


With the addition of the designated hitter in the National League, the Dodgers are now in a prime position to pursue Ohtani aggressively. They have substantial payroll flexibility, with significant funds coming off the books after this season. With key pitchers like Julio Urías, Clayton Kershaw, and Dustin May facing uncertain futures, the Dodgers have a clear need for an impact starter, making Ohtani an enticing target.


Insiders believe the Dodgers are poised to make a significant offer to secure Ohtani’s services. With a keen interest in the two-way star, the Dodgers have the financial means and the roster fit to make a compelling case. As the offseason approaches, Dodgers players and fans eagerly anticipate the pursuit of Ohtani and the potential impact he could have on the team.




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