Confidence in Denver increasing — or is it?
Stakes Content Team


What a playoffs it’s been! The Nuggets are just two wins away from their first ever NBA championship, and as you can imagine, confidence has been growing in them throughout the entire postseason. But it hasn’t been just up, up, up, though. After the conclusion of the first round, more than two-thirds of you thought Denver would go all the way, but by the time the Conference Finals started, that number had plunged.


Of course, once they actually got there, they got the respect that the #1 overall seed deserves against a play-in team, and confidence peaked after Denver took Game 1. After Miami evened the series, though, it became almost a coin flip in the eyes of the Stakers!

Your picks for the series after Denver’s convincing Game 3 win are still rolling in, so this may change yet again! But with just two wins to go before reaching immortality, we’d have to imagine confidence has jumped to the highest point we’ve seen yet. After all, nearly 60% of you are picking the Nuggets to take Game 4. Surely some of you believe the Nuggets can lose Game 4 and still take the series, but we all know the math on what a 3-1 deficit means for teams that don’t have LeBron James. Only a few games left to find out!

Go predict the rest of the finals! And go ready to spend those Loot Locker keys you’ve been saving 😎🗝




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