Brackets Busted?
Stakes Content Team


We’re already on the doorstep of the National Championship, and what a road it’s been to get here! Sorry your bracket got busted, but you’re sure not alone. According to the NCAA, only six brackets correctly predicted this wild combination of Florida Atlantic, UConn, Miami, and San Diego State.


Stakers weren’t a whole lot more accurate than the rest of the world either, it seems. Lots of you liked UConn, and you’ve favored them pretty much every step of the way so far. Not so for the other three schools. With just a couple of exceptions, the majority of Stakers have picked them to lose at almost every chance they’ve gotten. The percent you see here is the number of Stakers who predicted a win:

Pretty interesting how many folks thought Furman was gunning for the upset over SDSU in the second round there… And not a single Staker thought Florida Atlantic had a shot against Tennessee, and hardly any more against Kansas State.


It’ll be interesting to see where Staker predictions fall come Monday night’s sure-to-be-crazy showdown between the Huskies and the Aztecs. Will San Diego State finally get over the hump and be the first to win the Big Dance as a five seed? We’ll find out!

If you haven’t told us what you think, there’s never a better time! Let’s see if you can use the Madness to your advantage 👀




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