After injuries, Saints WR Michael Thomas eyes NFL comeback
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New Orleans Saints training camp sees a resurgent Michael Thomas, who’s now the favored target of quarterback Derek Carr. Thomas impresses with 10 receptions in a day, making it his most productive training camp in years.


Questions loom about whether Thomas can regain his former glory as a premier receiver, given his injury-ridden past. In his early career, Thomas was a dominant force, consistently receiving a significant portion of the team’s passes.


However, injuries, including a severe ankle issue and a toe problem, sidelined Thomas for much of the past few seasons. These setbacks have raised doubts about his ability to return to his peak performance.


Thomas’ journey to recovery has been a rocky one, involving surgeries and complications with inserted hardware. Despite these challenges, Thomas is determined to regain his form and has undergone extensive rehabilitation.

Saints’ management remains optimistic about Thomas, believing he can still be a prolific receiver if he can stay healthy. However, history shows that it’s a tough task for a receiver to excel after turning 30, especially following multiple injuries.

While the Saints have drafted new talent and diversified their offensive strategy, they’re cautious about overloading Thomas. They understand that spreading the ball to various targets will be essential to their success.

Despite the uncertainties, Saints’ coach Dennis Allen and the team have confidence in Thomas’s ability to make a strong comeback. His performance in preseason games has shown glimpses of his potential.




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